Here Comes The Hot Weather!


weather battery


The lifespan of a vehicle battery is approximately 4-6 years. Before you find yourself stranded in the hot sun, give some time and attention to summer car battery care. As the temperature gets hotter the battery’s current conducting grids corrode faster, reducing its service life. This often happens with cars driven mainly in the city, due to lower traveling speeds and frequent idling. Most drivers today connect electronic devices and smart phones to their vehicles. These energy consuming devices can also contribute to a battery drain problem. Even the electronic features built into the vehicle can create loads that will drain the battery to discharge. A lot of times the cold weather is to blame, but the problem is actually a battery weakened by the summer driving season. Do you know what to look for in a dying battery? Here are a few helpful tips that may signify it’s time to get a battery replacement:

  1. You know your battery is in the 4-6 year range.
  2. Your check engine light may come on if your battery is weak.
  3. The engine cranks when you go to start the car.
  4. The battery case is swollen.

If any of these issues have occurred, or if you want to check your Chevy car, truck, or SUV’s battery efficiency, visit your local Chevy dealer today. Don’t get stranded in the hot sun this summer. Schedule your visit with a Chevy Certified Service expert to ensure you’re getting the most out of your battery

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