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Improve Your Tow From Start to Finish

Improve Your Tow From Start to Finish

Going on a road trip? What about a day at the lake? Maybe you’re going to a horse show?

Whatever it might be, Chevy has got you covered. You want to tow this summer, and we want to give you the tow capacity to do it. With our Chevy trucks and SUVs, it makes it easier to efficiently load your vehicle and trailer with ease. Towing this summer has never been more exciting.

Trailer Guide For All Your Towing Needs

Having trouble deciding on what Chevy truck or SUV will fit your specific towing needs?  Whether you are interested in the Colorado, Traverse, or Silverado, make sure to use our trailering guide to find the right fit for you! This guide will help you to determine if your Chevy is capable of handling all demands, and is up for any last-minute summer adventure, of course! 

Seeing is Believing

You need strong power to load your truck or SUV, but power isn’t the only thing that will get the job done. 

Silverado allows you to choose between 8 cameras, with up to 15 unique views. All of these cameras and views are designed to make towing easier for you.

Hitch Views  

Four available views - allow for precise aligning and a better picture of your surroundings: 

  • Surround view 

  • Rear top-down view

  • Bed view 

  • Hitch view 

Driving Views 

Six driving views - will help to guide object views around your trailer and vehicle: 

  • Rear camera mirror

  • Rear trailer view

  • Inside trailer view 

  • Transparent trailer 

  • Front camera view 

  • Pic-in-pic side view

Parking Views 

Five parking views - give you the ability to move through tight parking spots and parallel park:

  • Bowl view

  • Front side view 

  • Front top-down view

  • Rear camera view

  • Rear side view

  • Rear side view (turn signal activated) 

Tow With Confidence 

Don’t miss out this summer by not having the ability to tow what you need! Find the perfect Chevy truck or SUV that can make your job easier, from start to finish. Whether it's parking or hitching, we know our Chevy features will improve your towing.

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